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If you have someone who you feel belongs here - send me a private email. I don't have a lot of patience for criminals and thieves. They have all bounced checks with me or are criminals in the dog business.These deserve the attention this thread brings them This forum is for people who have Leerburg dogs for sale.You will love every second of HD full-length adult experiments. General conversation means "GENERAL CONVERSATION ON DOG's" not conversation on your private life (private life is what god gave us private emails for).This is a collection of used training equipment, toys, tugs, collars, etc. We are having a Garage Sale to help us in cleaning up our storage areas here at Leerburg.This forum is intended to provide information on our affiliate program - affiliates can sell certain Leerburg products on their web site - we handle the customer payment, the inventory and shipping and pay affiliates a commission on orders that come from their web site.If you are looking for a new puppy or a new dog you may post your request in this forum.

I am looking for good video clips of FEAR BITERS or dogs that display fear aggression.If you want to brag on a friends title or something like that - have at it under this thread.Leerburg has started to produce dog training ebooks - most will be free of charge.Before the WTC disaster I had been producing a DETECTOR DOG video with my friend Kevin Sheldahl.Kevin is a International Police Dog Judge who certifies bomb dog handlers.

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