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The shelling continued for seven days as the Japanese advanced.

By November 5, the opposing trenches were around 100 meters apart in some areas.

They stayed just outside the range of the heavy naval batteries overlooking the harbor.

In addition to their warships, the Japanese had one seaplane tender; the On September 2, the Japanese landed troops at Lungkou, 100 miles north of Tsingtao.

It technically broke Chinese neutrality, but the Chinese protests were ignored.

As the Japanese advanced up Iltis Hill, an incredibly strange scene developed.

Those small colonies, trading posts, and naval bases became the front line.

Shortly after the outbreak of the war, a two-month long battle centered on one city: Tsingtao.

Japan and Britain had an alliance dating back to 1902, and in 1914 the British requested Japanese support in the war against Germany.

On August 15, Japan issued an ultimatum to Germany: remove your ships from Chinese waters and give Tsingtao over to Japan. On the 23rd the offer ran out, and Japan and Germany were at war.

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