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Most computers come with both of those ports, and both types work equally well. Unlike desktop computers, laptops and netbooks don’t include PS/2 ports.So, if your computer has a spare USB port, pick up a USB keyboard. If you want a full-size keyboard to supplement your tiny laptop or netbook, buy a USB keyboard.

PS/2 plugs need their pins to match up with the notches of the PS/2 ports.

The license grants access to device settings in an admin console.

Two types of license are recommended for purchase dependent on the end user’s need.

Together, Scala’s Enterprise content management software, Chrome OS devices and Chrome Device Management (CDM) harmoniously offer an easy to deploy, manageable, secure, and scaleable signage solution that is robust, yet cost effective for businesses of all sizes.

Device Management for Chrome OS devices provides a secure, locked down platform on which to run Scala software.

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