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However, despite my anger toward that man, I was also angry at the parents of those underage girls.

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Lake was black, adding a possible racial motive to the slaying.Kepler’s attorney, Richard O’Carroll, has said that the charge of racism was levied by prosecutors in order to get a conviction. I know that sounds like sour grapes, but it’s the truth.” In addition to murder, Kepler was also found guilty of recklessly using his firearm.“If the government is going to prosecute you four times in a row, the odds of you being convicted go up,” he told . He was sentenced today to 15 years behind bars and ordered to pay a ,000 fine.Civil rights lawyers have accused Kepler’s defense team of purposefully excluding black jurors during each of the first three trials.Additionally, Kepler argued that he could not be tried by state attorneys because of his Native American ancestry, with him being 1/128th Muscogee.

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