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which is why classes weren't originally on the schedule this week because it was for buffups. Preparation: Students will receive sides and breakdown via email a couple days before class for the mock audition or you can use the script you have gotten from "Pick out Script" Day scheduled for November 12th for any of the upcoming Industry Guest workshops.

Masters will always get priority at my studio since they have worked harder and longer on their skills than any of the lower level students, however I know it hurts not to be allowed to be in a workshop that was that important.

I can only take 22 students per session for a workshop.

The master students who did not get into the Saturday Mitchell Gossett/David Doan/Melissa Berger Workshop got first pick for the Sunday session with Mitchell Gossett/ David Doan, the spot that was suppose to be for Film 2-Film 5.

He also will be here with one of his best New York CESD agents David Doan- who takes care of Broadway, film & TV in New York. If you look hard, you will see Demi Lovato, Cody Linley, Logan Miller, Logan Henderson in a picture before all of them were famous.

Also, one of our favorites, Melissa Berger is coming too- who happens to be the TOP agent for youth voice over in the industry (in the world! Taylor Tippens, Lindsey Black, Seth Ginsberg is also pictured and are still doing the Acting biz in different cities.

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