Podpress feed not validating

They look amazing and lay a foundation for many more graphical reports to come with pod Press.I’ve been doing podcasts for since early 2006 where I was running two different podcasts and was also president of the OC Podcasters (the website is still up too).

This documention on this page will walk you through all that you need to do here.

Podpress and Podango problems Two feedback already received – Kryson sucks!

Explanation of an author duel Dead site Macabre Manor needs some help.

H.264 video containers are the preferred method of video podcasts, finding a happy medium for the video dimensions can be tricky since i Phone and Android tend to be different, It seems that the safe bet between the two is 1280×720 despite the suggestion below for 1136×640 for the i Phone 5.

The maximum video size supported by each device is: Since Word Press its self creates RSS feeds for just about everything (posts, custom post types, authors, tags, categories) it really depends on how you want to go about things.

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