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All dressed up, Leah is a nice looking girl, naked I'll be jacking off to that image for nights to come or cum whichever you prefer.

Anyway, I need to get ready to go to school -- down the hall to the far bedroom past the big store room.

Lastly, all names and places are entirely fictional and all characters are of legal age ... * CHAPTER ONE I'm sitting here on our back porch looking out on Little Bear Creek. " The sound of my sisters' voice is loud and clear and she sounds a little pissed, "What do you want? Just then the screen door popped open with a bang and she says, "Sittin' on your ass I see ..." "Yes Leah, I am sitting and this is my ass; so what the fuck do you want?

It's a beautiful June day in northern California, about 72 degrees with crystal blue skies and a scattering of soft white clouds. " I say with as much sarcasm as I can muster on short notice.

Here we burn the paper goods and recycle everything else which means I burn the paper goods and haul all the rest to the County Recycling Center 18 miles away.

We live in the sticks, about 8 miles away is a crossroads settlement of sorts -- there's a Post Office General Store - Liquor Store combination, gas station and garage, the propane gas distributor and a couple of houses -- that's what passes for nearby civilization; it's known as the Pace Settlement.

She was18 last Saturday and after a full 7 days as a real adult she is waaaay to important to do something as menial as the laundry.

"Mom says I'm supposed to do your fuckin' laundry since you are so busy.

Almost everybody else makes a living from lumber or ranching cattle and sheep. Mom works for the local propane gas distributor, sort of a combination secretary and bookkeeper.

I work for a couple of small ranchers doing general labor and go to college ... I have to drive over 30 miles over to the Northern Central Community College and I take a couple of courses online.

Every piece of laundry is in the basket ..." "FUCK YOU DAVID! I am responsible for pretty much everything outside the house which is 56 acres, a dozen chickens, 38 sheep and at last count 4 hogs and 12 piglets, plus the trash and that's no little job.

Where we live, up in the ass end of Montok County which is about 77 miles from Stockton and 82 miles from Sacramento up next to the Sierra Nevada Mountains National Forest, there is no trash pickup.

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