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This publication explains: If an employer-provided vehicle was available for your use, you received a fringe benefit.

Generally, your employer must include the value of the use or availability of the vehicle in your income.

You don’t expect to return to work in Boston after you complete your training.

A working condition fringe benefit is any property or service provided to you by your employer for which you could deduct the cost as an employee business expense if you had paid for it.If you satisfy only two factors, you may have a tax home depending on all the facts and circumstances.If you satisfy only one factor, you are an itinerant; your tax home is wherever you work and you can’t deduct travel expenses. You are single and live in Boston in an apartment you rent.Cincinnati is your main place of work because you spend most of your time there and earn most of your income there.If you satisfy all three factors, your tax home is the home where you regularly live.

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