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So in this life and the next, they’re a couple and a team. So I think that’s really important.” That said, Bindi admitted Crowe, 53, is a close family friend. He was a dear friend of dad’s — now a dear friend of ours,” she said. He owned a company and was in need of a "file girl,” who could hang around the office for a couple of hours every afternoon. After babysitting for the family for a few months, Ryan approached me with an offer.Before you think anything about anything let me just say this: I know. I'd finally escaped the Mormon bubble and was puffed with pride over my bona fide college student status. I could babysit my beloved 2-year-old in the morning, attend college classes in the afternoon, then head to the office.I know it's not the best thing in the world to be dating a guy twice your age. I answered an ad in the classifieds and nabbed employment as a nanny (rich folk term for babysitter) of a cherubic-faced 2-year-old. At the time, my boyfriend, Cody, was in the thick of pledging a fraternity.Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have never officially confirmed their relationship status, but rumors about them tying the knot have been making its rounds on the internet.

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Ryan agreed to pay me under the table and I accepted.

Once I found the team, I began to count the rows behind them. My knees buckled like someone kicked me from behind and I gripped the banana-colored metal railing for support. For about ten seconds."That f*cker." Her tone was menacingly quiet."Oh my god." I rasped"I will kill him." Melissa continued."I can't believe this is happening.""I will slash the tires on his car."The half-time buzzer shrilled through my body, slamming me back to reality."Meet me at the top of his row.""Holy sh*t! " Melissa was ringing her hands anxiously."I'm going to let him know I see him. Within minutes, I was barreling up his front steps. I rocketed through the side gate, into his backyard. The only light was the ghostly pall the digital microwave cast on the kitchen that lay just beyond the sliding glass door. I could see that he was holding his requisite three fingers of scotch in his right hand."You." I growled.

I see him here with his wife and I see him for the lying, no good, worthless asshole that he really is."Before she could stop me, I was stumbling down the stairs.

A quick look in Jenna's direction confirmed she was chattering away obliviously with a group of women. The couple he was conversing with smiled politely my way and continued chatting to each other, allowing Ryan to catch up with a woman they assumed was an old acquaintance or coworker."Ryyyann..." I chirped in the strange falsetto that was bursting from my throat. I flushed, draped my arms across the toilet seat and dropped my feverish head across them. I dragged my fingernails down my cheek, inspiring puffy, red welts.

I was four rows away when Ryan happened to glance up. They stretched into the most pretend smile I've ever smiled and I trilled, "Ryyyyyannn! I hiccupped, gasping for air like a small child who has just finished throwing a convulsive tantrum. Not able to face myself any longer, I floundered back to my bed and fell heavily onto the mattress.

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