Updating itunes library

Everything looked good, until I went to sync music only a few hours ago and was given this: I’m not sure where I got the idea for this, but I decided I’d let i Tunes do what it wanted to my phone in order to transfer those few songs I wanted in the first place. In short, I took a chance (or so it felt) and the solution was painfully simple and fuss-free. But then again, I don’t feel alone in my idiocy because there are people responding to threads created in 2010 from as recently as this month (November 2012) who are unwilling to click that button and find out the good news.My current i Phone library is a barren wasteland with no music in it, so if it deletes my library then what do I care? Yes, if you have music on your device then it will be removed.

I Googled for help like a consumer scorned, assuming I’d missed something obvious and there was a quick fix.It wasn’t until I got my i Phone 5 with plenty of storage space that I decided it was time to transfer some media, specifically for use with one app because I use Spotify for music listening on the go.Not wanting to wait all night long to restore my i Phone from an i Cloud backup, I backed up my i Phone 4 locally (I had still not connected to a PC, it was still displaying the “” message). Well…Faced with a dialogue box that warns of the complete removal of data from your most-relied upon device in order to sync music, quite possibly the reason you’d opt for the device in the first place, I’m confident I’m not the only person who would approach with caution.I wanted access to my music on both machines, but I did not want to share my Macbook Air’s library because the laptop would have to be on with i Tunes running for the Mac mini to have the music.At this point, I had to choose between running separate libraries and updating them independently or figure out a way to run one library that updated whenever I added music from either machine. Those are all of the limitations I have found, so if those do not bother you, read on!

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