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You also have the opportunity to react on the fly in numerous ways when spotted by an enemy.The game's Reflex systems gives you a momentary advantage as time slows down, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect head shot.Though you will cross a few elements in the world that illicit a chuckle, there's very little humor in The Phantom Pain's story; the dark themes and subject matter like disenfranchised youth being forced into combat call for a serious tone, after all.The gravity of the game's encounters leaves you on the edge of your seat, with a racing pulse.

While searching for a secret weapon developed by the US government, I had to infiltrate a series of caves in the Afghan countryside.You crawl, walk, and sprint to and fro, and each action feels spot on thanks to responsive controls that shed the stiff nature that plagued some of the earlier games in the series.You can even learn to climb up cliff faces, instilling a refreshing sense of verticality.I was initially ordered not to use the weapon by the person who gave me the contract, but I had no choice but to blast my way out while I ran to freedom.It was an exhilarating mission that I won't soon forget as it took every ounce of skill I had to move in undetected, and then it bombarded me with a full-on action sequence that fueled a massive rush of adrenaline. Your tools, though optional, are so varied and interesting that you'll want to explore them out of curiosity, if not necessity.

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