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Alexis perceived Katherine Bell and her relationship as a threat to Stefan and his family, and she worked to convince Stefan that Katherine was his half-sister, Natasha, who had been believed to be dead.

However, Stefan discovered her plan and wanted nothing more to do with her.

She then decided to concentrate on building a life away from the Cassadines by focusing of her profession and her relationship with Ned.

When Chloe Morgan appeared in town, she immediately became friends with Alexis and Ned, as well as Jax.

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Affectionately nicknamed "Eddie's Angel," Alexis could do nothing to escape the press, fan letters, Internet sites, and emails.

She also mended her relationship with Ned, and their romance resumed.

When Alexis learned that Nikolas was not the prince, she felt betrayed that Stefan had kept the truth from her for so long.

After many obstacles, they finally made it to the wedding day.

As Nikolas escorted her down the aisle, Alexis began to have nightmares about becoming a Quartermaine wife, and she fled.

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