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Pauline is still treating Liza as more of a gossipy girlfriend than an editor. His daughter is Caitlin’s roommate, so you know that connection is going to blow up soon) that there’s a new woman in his life.

You guys, Charles is so smitten with Liza I can barely stand it (except I can, because #Team Charles).

The thought has obviously never once crossed Pauline’s mind.

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One case of jalapeño dick aside, Josh gets some good news from Kelsey: Millennial wants to sign him to design an adult coloring book featuring his tattoos. Liza tends to his wound, which obviously means they start ferociously making out. She leaves that handsome injured tree of a man just standing there like a dummy.The ,000 advance sounds awesome (is this the fastest book deal in the history of book deals? Clare, who is apparently not worried AT ALL about the fact that Josh was going to propose to his last girlfriend (whom he still occasionally sees), encourages Josh to attend the party to help him move on. Everything seems like it’s going just fine — Josh even shakes Charles’s hand — until we get to the potato-sack race. When Charles accidentally knocks Josh over as they near the finish line, Josh gets up and punches Charles in the face. Kelsey, like any normal human being, wants to know what the hell is going on with Josh.), but the glad-handing with Charles at the company picnic … This is alarming for many reasons, but mainly because Charles’s jawline is a piece of artwork that should never be harmed. Liza fills her friend in on the real reason Josh put the brakes on his proposal and the two broke up. She warns Liza that sleeping with the boss would be trouble for all of them.• Diana’s idea to spice things up for the company picnic is to introduce Asian slaw to the spread. • On Liza helping out Josh: “You set him up with a girl and a job?Later, we have to have a talk about how to be a doormat.” • Diana spends the entire picnic trying to assure Pauline that nothing has or will ever happen between her and Charles (“I mean, there’s tension, naturally.”).

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